The people that make payments happen.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. That’s why we make it easy to manage your team right within PayAnywhere. Control employee access to different parts of the payments system by assigning different roles. Track activity and transactions by user to see who your most valuable employees are.

Save time on employment management with PayAnywhere's time clock and scheduling features, powered by Homebase. Employees can clock in and out right within the PayAnywhere app, so you can keep better track of employee hours and timesheets. You can also set up employee schedules and gain access to even more advanced employee management and reporting capabilities within Homebase. It’s employee management done right — and free.


It’s simple and secure to create new employees on PayAnywhere Inside. Once you add an employee and set their role, your team member will receive email invitations and instant access into the PayAnywhere app or PayAnywhere Inside.

Time clock and scheduling.

PayAnywhere and Homebase have joined forces to allow you to seamlessly manage your employees and grow your business. Allow employees time clock access directly in the PayAnywhere app. Drag and drop scheduling with employee notifications. Leverage tip tracking, payroll-ready exports, and free team messaging apps.


Employee reporting.

Be there, even when you’re not. With PayAnywhere’s employee reporting, you’re able to generate employee reports that will help you keep tabs on your staff and your profitability even when you’re not at your place of business.

Employee performance.

Track employees by volume sold and number of transactions.

Flash report.

View totals for net sales, discounts, taxes, tips, voids, and payment methods per employee.


Filter your transactions by one or more employees.